Why Consider Protégé

Our Tradesmen Get the Job Done

Protégé Labor provides employers in need of construction staffing with reliable, experienced tradesmen who are pre-screened, ready to work, and safety-focused.

When you work with Protégé Labor, you get a partner who is an extension of your team and who is willing to go the extra mile to provide solutions.

What We Provide

Protégé Labor matches our tradesmen’s skills to the need of your jobsite and team. We also make your job easier by taking care of recruiting, onboarding, payroll and workers’ compensation management for our tradesmen.

Opportunities for Increased Productivity

We help you manage expenses associated with support labor by sending the number of tradesmen you specify. We closely monitor the hours they work to prevent overages.

And like you, we are progress-driven. Our tradesmen will arrive on time and ready to work, and we’ll ensure they’re experienced in the skills you specify.

Screened Tradesmen

Protégé Labor screens all of its workers to ensure they are job-ready to meet your specific requirements. Our screening process includes:

Skills verification
Drug testing
OSHA certification (when required)
I-9 verification


We bill by hourly rate and take care of all federal, state, social security, and unemployment taxes and workers’ compensation insurance. Our bill rate also includes general liability, umbrella, and employment practice liability (EPLI), and cyber insurance.

Protege employees working.

Quality Workforce

Protégé Labor doesn’t just fill jobs. We work to find the best fit for your job. That’s why we are diligent with skills tests and reference and background checks.

We focus on providing tradesmen for the following sectors:

Responsive Temporary Labor Support

Our smaller size makes us extremely flexible when finding the “best fit” solution for an employer. We work to fill the job as quickly as we can. You can expect a response to your request for tradesmen for labor support within 24 hours or sooner (excluding holidays).

Our Commitment to Safety

We are progress driven, but with a safety-first mindset.

Our safety record is exceptional. We share your goal of zero lost-time accidents. We enforce your safety standards by offering site specific safety orientations and OSHA certification if needed.

We can provide OSHA training for our employees at our office.

How it Works

1. You contact Protégé Labor by phone or by filling out a form to request a quote for labor.

2. We respond with a quote by email or text within 24 hours, with the exception of holidays.

3. Once you sign off on a quote, we begin searching our employees through our customer relationship management system for tradesmen whose experience, skills and location fit your requirements.

4. We handle all the paperwork, screening and safety training required.

5. Your tradesmen arrive at your work site on time and with the skills and equipment needed for success.

6. We handle all the administrative tasks associated with payroll.

7. During the job and once it’s complete, we follow up with you to ensure our tradesmen are delivering the work you expect of them.

We send the tradesmen you need,
for the hours you specify.

Protege employee working on a pipe

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You can expect a response to your request for tradesmen for labor support within 24 hours or sooner (excluding holidays).

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